The RudeBwoy. A Cultural Icon Made Modern.

The Rude Bwoy. A name born out of the ghettos of Jamaica and the at that time (late 1960’s into the 1990’s) densely Jamaican populated neighborhoods of London like Brixton and meant to describe the slouchy, laid back, seemingly up-to-no-good youth who populated various street corners and sidewalk record stores. Who would have known that decades later, the fashion silhouette of the rude bwoy, a sleekly tailored look incorporating premium, usually British fabrics like wool (had to be 100% wool, nothing less would do!) or wool/mohair in tweed, Prince of Wales, pin or chalk stripes etc blended artfully with a relaxed yet edgy bad bwoy sprezzatura (a pant cuff rolled up, a v-neck sweater left open, a derby hat tilted rakishly to the side) would become a fashion trend?

From our days with our blog A Curious Mind now renamed , we profiled two of our favorite creative, sartorial and design duos, Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh. Relentlessly innovative, it was no surprise then that they snatched up this most decidedly Jamaican culturalism and revisited from a more modern aesthetic perspective, making it a central theme of a fashion exhibit and stylistic movement. Watch and enjoy.

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Ru-El Burford

Brand architect, 'soft power' strategist and strong advocate of brand evolution by way of disruptive innovation, Ru-El typifies today's generation of thought leaders. Both creative and analytical, Ru-El was founder and CEO of The Quantum Group, one of the top African American owned marketing/advertising agencies in the U.S. as well as an award winning fashion blogger and noted speaker on the application of innovation and technology in various industries. Currently, he helms the branding boutique agency Cirqus6 while also advising a number of start-up ventures and non-profit philanthropies.

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