Racial Profiling. Does Celebrity Mean Immunity?

Not for Tyson Beckford it doesn’t. Actually, blunt truth be told, it doesn’t confer an iota of difference. Apparently, all one needs to do is be black and one is subject to an immediate ‘guilty until proven innocent’ standard of justice which negates everything that the Constitution is supposed to stand for.

Speaking candidly recently, Tyson told a reporter that regardless of being an international male supermodel, he has been profiled in places as tony as Barneys New York which oddly enough, sells the same brand that Tyson achieved superstardom modeling for. In fact, many a Jamaican, American and European celebrity has been profiled and it begs the question as we get closer to possibly electing a new President who has significant issues with immigrants, what’s next?

Indeed, this election cycle has a seriously worrisome overtone and undertone for a large percentage of the US population and by extension, the rest of the World. Caught in that dangerous vortex is the Caribbean and of course, Jamaica which has by many unscientific polls, at least a third of its total populace outside of its national borders and much of that inside the borders of the United States. A win for the GOP could possibly signal if not a blind eye then certainly a wandering eye turned away from a potentially increased implementation of profiling as a basis for a return to ‘Stop and Frisk’ (which has been suggested) and/or a ‘Stop and Dip’ deportation effort to remove non citizen aliens with any sort of legal infraction (littering, visa overstay, traffic violation etc).

At that point and should this happen, celebrity or not, you may find yourself on an unwanted, one way trip to the country of your birth. Keep an eye open; this election is going to mark a watershed moment in more ways than one.

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Ru-El Burford

Brand architect, 'soft power' strategist and strong advocate of brand evolution by way of disruptive innovation, Ru-El typifies today's generation of thought leaders. Both creative and analytical, Ru-El was founder and CEO of The Quantum Group, one of the top African American owned marketing/advertising agencies in the U.S. as well as an award winning fashion blogger and noted speaker on the application of innovation and technology in various industries. Currently, he helms the branding boutique agency Cirqus6 while also advising a number of start-up ventures and non-profit philanthropies.

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