Hillary vs Trump. Hillary Takes Round 1

This was a matchup of fearsome contenders.

It was like watching Shane Mosley fight Antonio Margarito all over again. In one corner was the fearsome bully, a devastating force annihilating all in his path and in the other corner was the veteran tactician; smart, analytical, quick on his (her!) feet and who had never been knocked out in his (her!) career.

Ultimately, as the fight started, both fighters circled warily with jabs and just when it seemed as if it might take a while before the fireworks ignited, things began to jump off. Gradually, the bully began to run out of steam as the tactician used superior footwork (a calm demeanor) and a brilliant strategy (be prepared, be quick, take the fight to your opponent and set a trap for him) to slowly overwhelm the taller, historically more aggressive fighter.

Suddenly, Round 1 was over. The tactician laid a stealthy trap for the bully by provoking his penchant and style for continuously and aggressively coming forward to lure him into exposing his chin and leaving him vulnerable for a fusillade of knockout designed punches. While one round isn’t the whole fight, Round 1 has definitely gone to the veteran and leaving us all to wonder, what’s next?


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Ru-El Burford

Brand architect, 'soft power' strategist and strong advocate of brand evolution by way of disruptive innovation, Ru-El typifies today's generation of thought leaders. Both creative and analytical, Ru-El was founder and CEO of The Quantum Group, one of the top African American owned marketing/advertising agencies in the U.S. as well as an award winning fashion blogger and noted speaker on the application of innovation and technology in various industries. Currently, he helms the branding boutique agency Cirqus6 while also advising a number of start-up ventures and non-profit philanthropies.

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