Ebony Patterson. If You Don’t Know Her, You Damn Well Need To.

Jamaican. Artist.

No, not ‘artist’ as in recording artist but artist as in visual fine artist and she’s so crazy dope, you’ll wonder why even your non art appreciating self hasn’t known about her, until now. It’s a commonly held fallacy, at least among non Jamaicans, that Jamaica only excels in a few things; violence, weed, dancehall and arguably one of the most laid back lifestyle attitudes in the world. If to tell the truth is to shame the Devil as the adage says however, this truism is gonna send him reeling; Jamaica excels at a whole lot of things and the problem is, word never gets to the media about them. Here then, is a perfect example of why your media consumption needs to be more diverse and why adding us to your timeline is the smart thing to do right now!

We think she’s actually the dopest artist on the scene and given her refreshingly unique approach to her craft, likely to not only continue her global rollout but dominate the art world for a long time to come. Here she is in her own words:-


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Ru-El Burford

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