Digital Nomads: cost of location

Digital Nomads will evaluate “cost of location” when they seek to relocate.

When Digital Nomads look at a location, the cost of living is often the first item they check. For a location to be interesting to a Digital Nomad, it must have some places on AirBNB or couch surfing websites where they can stay for an acceptable cost. Most Digital nomads prefer places in the city center.

The second part in the cost of a location, is the food-cost. Many digital nomads will cook only rarely, especially when they arrive in a new location. So the availability of restaurants or street food for three meals per day is important. In some Thai locations, three meals per day can be as cheap as US$10 for all meals combined.

A last factor is the cost to reach the country. So the airline and ferry ticket to get to the destination will play another role. Of course less for nomads who will stay several months.

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